The Queen’s House reopening in Greenwich: 4 interesting facts

Queen's House

The Queen's House reopening

The Queen’s House reopening this week was a good excuse to go to Greenwich, one of my favourite areas in London.

The Queen’s House was closed to the public but it has reopened to celebrate its 400th anniversary. Inside you can find many paintings, from older to newer ones, usually about the sea and navigation. There are also many portraits, including some famous ones like Henry VIII and Elisabeth I.

Here 4 interesting facts about the Queen’s House.

#1. The Queen’s House was James’s I apology to his wife for yelling at her – the Queen’s House reopening

King James I once yelled at her wife, Anne of Denmark, because she had accidentally killed his dog while hunting. After, as a way to apologise, the king commissioned the building to the architect Indigo Jones. This happened in 1616. Unfortunately, Anne died in 1619 before she could see the Queen’s House completed (1629).

Anne of Denmark
Portrait of Anne of Denmark

#2. The Queen’s House is haunted  – the Queen’s House reopening

Some believe that the Tulip stairs inside the building are home of one or more ghosts. In 1966 a Canadian tourist took a photograph and when he developed it (yes, it was a long time ago) he saw a ghostly figure on it. The case is still a mystery.

Tulip Stairs
The Tulip Stairs

#3. The Queen’s House is the first of its kind in England  – the Queen’s House reopening

This beautiful building is the first example of classical architecture in England, and it was inspired by the Italian style. The Tulip stairs were also the first of their kind.

Queen's House inside
The Queen’s House inside

#4. Queen Mary II made sure the Queen’s House kept its view on the Thames  – the Queen’s House reopening

The Royal Naval Collage was built shortly after the Queen’s House, and it is between the House and the Thames. Queen Mary II wanted to maintain the nice view of the Thames. Hence the distance of the College buildings is exactly the same width as the Queen’s House.

Queen's House
The Queen’s House and the Royal Naval College buildings


After visiting the Queen’s House, which doesn’t take very long, why not enjoying a walk at Greenwich park? The view from the hill is one of the best views of London. You can see everything from the O2 arena to the city, with Canary Wharf just in front of you.

Queen's House
Goodbye from the Queen’s House!

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  1. I’ve lived in London for more than 2 years and never been to greenwich! i want to go now to see the queen’s house as well

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