Vlog – A lavender field just outside London: Mayfield Lavender Farm

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If you live near London or are planning to visit the British capital and would like to experience something a bit different, then you should keep reading.

About 40 minutes from Central London you can find yourselves immersed in nature in a lavender field. It’s basically like being in Provence.

Watch this video to have a look at the field and what it has to offer. But make sure you read until the end for more information on how to get there!

A half-day trip to a lavender field

Mayfield Lavender Farm is a private field, but the owners open it to visitors during summer. This is indeed the season to visit, as the plant flourishes between June and September.

Mayfield lavender is the perfect place to spend half a day in. You can take stunning pictures! And if you have children they will have a lot of fun walking around the camp.

What to buy

There is also a shop selling all sorts of lavender products – from food to soaps to lavender itself. Watch the video on top to get a better idea of the field and have a look at the products I’ve bought! (since I’ve now eaten almost everything, I can say they were delicious!)

How to get to Mayfield Lavender Farm

To reach Mayfield Lavender Farm from London you have to take a train from London Victoria to Purley. From there, you need to take the bus 166 (stop G) until you reach the field. The entire journey lasts around 45 minutes.

You can look for more information on the farm’s official website.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog! For more day trips from London check out Oxford and Brighton.

Goodbye from the lavender field!

11 Replies to “Vlog – A lavender field just outside London: Mayfield Lavender Farm”

  1. Wow, I had no idea this existed and I live in South Surrey! Thanks for opening my eyes, it looks well worth a visit 🙂

  2. Lavenders are the best and this field looks so lovely, I would love to visit it sometime.

  3. What a beautiful garden. Lovely place to stay a day!!

  4. Loved this info! I am in Provence right now and all the lavendar is basically gone, boohoo! Will totally check this place out when i visit London.

  5. How beautiful! I would never have guessed there was a Lavender field so close to London. Great find!

  6. Lavender is so pretty and makes for lovely photos. It a shame I just can’t stand the smell of it.

  7. Well count me as one of those people in London that never knew this existed! What a gorgeous place to visit. The lavender looks beautiful. How was was the lemonade? It sounds delicious. I will definitely be making my way here at some point. Thanks for sharing!

    1. haha happy that you now know about it! The lemonade was okay but not one of my favorites as I think the lavender flavor was a bit weak (personal taste I suppose). But the jam is GREAT, I loved it! And the fudge too was really really good

  8. Wow these Lavender fields are beautiful. I’m going to see my boyfriend next week and he lives near London so I’m planning to go see these! Can’t wait!!

  9. i have always been curious about lavender. it is a beautiful site.

  10. Beautiful! I love lavender and I need to find a farm near me. Great pictures.

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