My (dis)adventure in Denmark: Billund and Vejle

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One day I come back home and I find my boyfriend sitting in front of the computer. He looks at me with an expression hard to decipher and says:

Would you like to go to Denmark next weekend?

I didn’t even ask for details and replied “yes” straight away.


And so we booked 2 tickets to Billund, Denmark. Departure from London at 7am and return from Billund at 10pm and £30ish less in our bank accounts.

It was a leap of faith in many ways. We had never done a day trip that required flying. We had never been to Denmark and knew little of the country. And we were very excited despite a 3.45am alarm clock!

Arrived in Billund, Denmark

You do need local currency

Once we arrived in Billund airport we looked for the bus to take us to the city centre. And here we had the first surprise. The bus didn’t accept cards. We didn’t have any cash. This was another leap of faith that we took. In London you can buy anything with card, including bus rides, and we were hoping we wouldn’t have needed to exchange. Unfortunately we had to go to an ATM and withdraw some Danish Kroner.

The phantom city centre

It took us very little to get to the centre, around 20 minutes. When the driver told us that was our stop I just couldn’t believe it. The place was completely deserted. Everyone else got off at the previous stop – Legoland – and it was now only us and another couple who disappeared instantly.

We started walking in what was supposed to be the city centre, but there was nothing and no one. There were only houses, gardens, and trees. Certainly good for our lungs but not much else. We eventually found a restaurant on the main road – Italian, of course. Even if we wanted to go to an Italian place in Denmark, we couldn’t have because the place was closed.

Legoland and Lalandia

After a while of walking without meeting any other people, it was clear to us that the entire city was either in Legoland or in Lalandia.

Legoland is the main attraction on Billund and possibly one of the most famous parks in the country. Indeed, Lego was founded in Billund, alongside the first Legoland. You can also find a Lego Hotel, a Lego House, and many Lego sculptures scattered around the airport.

Lalandia is a huge shopping and entertainment centre very close to Legoland. They have all you can think of. Restaurants, shops, a water park, a gym, and much more. You can do any sort of sport, and there is a lot for children too.

An interesting pool in Lalandia

Doing our research we did know about these places, but we didn’t want to go there. We just wanted a taste of Denmark.

We ended up having lunch at Lalandia (all other places we saw were closed!) and then decided to get the hell out of there. At the airport we saw a bus that went to Vejle. We checked and Vejle is a city not far from Billund, around 40 minutes by bus. We looked at a few pictures online and decided to go.

Vejle, Denmark

Vejle was way better!!

We had a stroll in a live city centre and we were even lucky enough to find a wine festival. There were a lot of people, stands, and a band playing music. Shops and restaurants were open and fully in business.

We didn’t know much about the city as the trip was totally improvised, but we really enjoyed walking along these people with not a single worry in the world. The weather was also our friend, as it was hot and sunny. We ended up sitting outside in a café along the river relaxing and enjoying the sun.

Vejle is not a touristic place – as you can tell from the absence of tourist shops. But it’s a very pretty city with a historical city centre and more modern buildings farther away. The most impressive is certainly The Wave in Vejle, a massive building still under construction. I would love to rent a flat there for a while, see the inside and enjoy the view over the fjord!

The Wave in Viejle
The Wave in Vejle
The view over the Fjord

Would I do it again?

This trip was not quite what I expected, but in the end it was a good one!

Doing a day trip taking a plane is quite risky. For example, if you find some delay at the airport, your trip may as well be ruined. The weather is another question mark. Take a cold and rainy day and the trip will not be as good.

However, the risk is outbalanced by the cheap cost of the tickets. If you’re wondering why we went to Billund and not Copenhagen, for example, well here you are. The return ticket was £30. For us, taking a train from London and do a day trip in England can be more expensive than that.

So, would I do it again?

Yes, and indeed I will!

Just before I started writing this blog, my boyfriend and I have booked a day trip to Toulouse, France for next month.

Update: Ryanair cancelled our flight to Toulouse, so no trip this time! 🙁

12 Replies to “My (dis)adventure in Denmark: Billund and Vejle”

  1. Glad to hear it turned out well!! That colorful street looks like fine. We can’t wait to go here.

  2. What a fun adventure! I love the practice of letting the price dictate where I might go even if it’s no a place I know of or had considered before, just simply for the adventure of it. Like you, I’ve found some unexpected surprises along the way that have made for lovely memories!

    1. yes it was the first time for me but then we have already booked our next flights! I’m sure you have and I hope you will collect even more, I certainly plan to do so 🙂

  3. Love your spontaneity and if I were a professional with a free weekend in Europe I’d play destination roulette as well. Here in the US it’s so much more expensive and longer to get anywhere. So, good for you and just going – even with the disappointments.

    1. Sorry to hear that! Does this apply to states within the US? Here in Europe the American coast-to-coast is a travel dream! Usually done by car. But apart from that, proximity is actually one of the reasons I LOVE Europe, it’s so small but diverse and you can get to see completely different places in a hour or so.

  4. Interesting experience! It’s hard to know when you take a leap of faith-Happy it turned out well. Toulouse is a much better place for a day trip- I think you’ll love it!

  5. I love cheap, spontaneous trips like this!

  6. I love that you took the chance for a day trip to another country. Seems so exciting to me! But what a bummer about Billund. I don’t know much about Legos. I’m sure it’s wonderful for fans, but I can absolutely see why Vejle was a better fit. That wine festival alone would have been my highlight. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Ha, ha what an (dis)adventure ! I have always loved the feeling of unplanned travel where the only goal is an exploration of whatever I find. Vejle looks like a city that catches the eye with a lively, cosy town centre 🙂

  8. This is amazing.. I would love to do something like this from Ireland! And at least now you can say you went to Denmark and by the sounds of it, you really made the most of your trip 🙂

  9. Good tip about the cash! I never bring cash anywhere!

  10. Surprise travels are great! Good for you and your boyfriend to take travel decisions so spontaneously.

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