Brighton, a day trip from London you should try

Today I enjoyed a lovely day in Brighton, a city on the English coast and an hour by train from London. It’s definitely the ideal trip for a hot summer weekend day.

About the English weather

Before I say anything about Brighton, a brief thought about the English weather and why you should take advantage of a sunny day.

When I decided to move to England, a part of me thought I was crazy to leave Italy for a country where it’s always cold and rainy. It didn’t take me long, though, to realize I was completely wrong. It probably rains more in Como than in London. And it’s really not much colder (Como is in northern Italy anyway…).

Something else I learned quite quickly, though, is that the weather is always changing. Therefore, if it’s sunny and hot  (it does happen, believe it or not), you’d better take advantage straight away, before the clouds and wind are back.

Today was one of these sunny and (almost) hot days. I did take advantage and looked for the cheapest ticket that could bring me easily out of the big British capital. The best candidate was Brighton. I paid around £11 for a return ticket, which is very good for the English standards.



For me, the best part of Brighton is the beach promenade. It’s a very nice stroll. Along the way you will find many traditional fish and chips shops, which have almost disappeared in London.

Brighton fish and chips


The Brighton Pier is a tourist attraction with a fun park and restaurants. I went there and my boyfriend won me a donut – basically one of my teenage dreams come true.

Not far from the Brighton Pier there is the skeleton of another pier, the West Pier. It partially collapsed in 2002 and it’s been abandoned after taking fire the following year.

Brighton West Pier


There are also a few parks where to walk and have a pic-nic. It’s nothing like the big parks you find in London, but the Royal Pavillion, with its Indian building, is okay.

Brighton Royal Pavillon


The i360 is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Brighton. It opened last year and is pretty much like the London Eye, but a tower rather than a wheel. It brings you up 162 meters and you can enjoy the view. I didn’t bother going so I can’t recommend it or not, but it has good reviews.

Brighton i360


Finally, of course, there is the beach itself. After a lot of walking, we decided to sit on the deck chairs. They cost £2.50 for the entire day, and it’s a bit more comfortable than sitting on the rocky beach. For us it was still a bit cold but someone was even swimming!

Brighton deck chairs


Brighton is not a small town. It’s actually quite a big city and the centre is also quite nice and full of shops and shopping centers. However, you get all of that in London, so I’ve decided to enjoy all the day at the beach, strolling and relaxing.

Goodbye from Brighton!

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