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You are looking for travel tips and inspiration. 

Anything from language to food to transport tips. It’s always useful to hear from people who have lived or have been to the place you’re going to!

You love history and want to get to know the local culture. 

I always try to get to know the local culture as much as possible! Trying local food, speak the local language with people and ask for their recommendations, trying to understand their way of life.

I’m a history geek. I’ve always been attracted by the past. I find that visiting a place has completely another meaning if you know about the people who have lived there before and have shaped the world you are experiencing.

This journey is just at the beginning, but little by little I’d like to put together a good collection of travels. The mission, of course, is to see as many places as possible!

My Story

I would like to introduce myself to you a little bit. You can either watch this video or read below 🙂

I’m Alice, I was born and grew up in Como, Italy. I perfectly remember my first trip abroad. I was 11 and I went with a group of kids to spend 2 weeks in Dublin for a cultural exchange and improve my English skills.

It didn’t do much for my English but I had a great time and since then I went away every summer: London and Galway first, then farther away to Boston and LA, and then to learn new languages too in Valencia, Spain, and Lyon, France.

As you see, I quickly became a TRAVEL ADDICT! I also did longer experiences abroad. I spent 2 months in Australia during high school, 6 months in Spain during the Bachelor. Then, I finally did my entire Master degree abroad in London, where I have decided to stay long term.

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These experiences are different from a holiday travel. I used to stay with a LOCAL FAMILY, tried my best to learn the local LANGUAGE and CULTURE. All those travels have shaped the way I see the world. They have made me more open minded, tolerant and independent, and they have also highlighted all the beautiful things I had at home that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

Now I keep traveling every time I can. And even if I don’t do school cultural exchanges anymore, I still want to learn as much as possible about the local cultures – their history, their food, their way of life. I then try to put all of that here in my blog, in the hope of being useful and inspiring for you!

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